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David Wilson%


by David Wilson

The fire that scattered a flock


July 2016

Spirit Story

by John Pentland

Generosity that humbles


July 2016

Spiritual But Secular

by Anne Bokma

For the non-religious, silence is still golden


July 2016

Quote Unquote

by Mardi Tindal

‘For me, trees have always been the most penetrating preachers.’

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July 2016

Mr. Trump comes to Cleveland

by Mark Giuliano

The eyes of the world will be focused on the Republican National Convention this month. A landmark church near the meeting site is offering a warm welcome while bracing for unrest.


July 2016

Does religion really make you happier?

by Samantha Rideout

The writer examines the popular theory that people with faith are more content than those without


July 2016

Interview with Sister Helen Prejean

by Alicia von Stamwitz

The Roman Catholic nun, prominent American anti-death penalty activist and author of the bestselling 'Dead Man Walking: The Eyewitness Account of the Death Penalty That Sparked a National Debate' talks about racism, human dignity and America’s broken criminal justice system



Merle Robillard

ObserverDocs: Out of Syria

by Observer Staff

For nearly half a century, the Elnabrees family has fled one war after another: Palestine, Kuwait, Iraq and, more recently, Syria. This year, they arrived as refugees in Canada, sponsored by relatives and United churches. Ayman Elshafiy, his wife, Sonia, their two daughters, his sister and mother, were among them.


Photo by Alison Brooks-Starks

A river of one’s own

by Alison Brooks-Starks

The writer attempts a month-long solo paddle on the North Saskatchewan River and discovers the gift of intuition and the power of nature

Common Good

Dennis  Gruending%

The bigots and the foolhardy have their day  

by Dennis Gruending

Racist comments follow the shooting death of a First Nations man in Saskatchewan 

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Carolyn Pogue%

Summer musings

by Carolyn Pogue

This season, write yourself home in nature


June 2016

All the lonely people

by André Picard

An estimated six million Canadians live in isolation. Social researchers are now calling it a hidden epidemic.


May 2016

Are vegans right?

by David Macfarlane

The writer is in the midst of a radical six-month change of diet. He’s discovering that no cheeseburger tastes as good as being ethical feels.


March 2016

The Walrus Talks Spirituality

by Observer Staff


Iryna Tiumentseva/Shutterstock.com

Can gaming be good?

by Trisha Elliott

Video games are often cast as violent, sexist and addictive. But a new genre of virtual fun is serving a higher purpose.

Camino de Cancer

David  Giuliano %

September 2015

by David Giuliano

Raphael’s promise


May 2016

2015 Press Awards

by Observer Staff

The Observer won 41 church press awards and has been nominated for two National Magazine Awards for work published in 2015. The winners’ list included First Place for denominational magazines in the U.S.-based Associate Church Press competition. It was the third year in a row that The Observer was named the ACP’s best magazine.


April 2015

Confronting the Sixties Scoop

by Anne Bokma

From the 1960s to the ’80s, some 20,000 Aboriginal children were removed from their homes and placed with non-Native families. Now adults, many want redress for the loss of cultural identity.


November 2015

The conversion of Michael Coren

by Jeff Mahoney

Canada’s most strident Christian conservative has had a change of heart

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