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David Wilson%


by David Wilson

Feeling squeamish?


November 2015

Spirit Story

by Jay P. Olson

The compassion of strangers


November 2015

Quote Unquote

by Mardi Tindal

‘No law or set of laws can bring peace to a world of grabbers. ’


November 2015

Spiritual But Secular

by Anne Bokma

Non-religious parents yearn to foster that sense of awe in their kids — but they’re skipping the dogma

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October 2015

East Germany

by David Wilson

A revolution lit by candles


November 2015

The conversion of Michael Coren

by Jeff Mahoney

Canada’s most strident Christian conservative has had a change of heart


November 2015

Life with robots

by Patricia Clarke

They can do our chores, drive our cars and fight our wars. Whether they can act ethically is another question.


A security officer at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts stands next to 'The Deification of Aeneas' by artist Charles Le Brun in 2005. The heir of a Jewish art collector says the Nazis looted the painting from her family in 1940. Photo by Gordon Beck/Montreal Gazette/The Canadian Press

Art restoration

by Krystina Mierins

Paintings stolen by Nazis still hang in Canadian galleries. Paltry government funding is hampering efforts to identify and return them


Lee Simpson

ObserverDocs: My Year of Buying Nothing

by Observer Staff

After some soul-searching about what buying really adds up to, UC Observer blogger Lee Simpson made a promise to purchase nothing for 365 days. But while her reasons were clear, the vow to change was a little more complicated.


WATCH LIST: November 2015

by Observer Staff

Common Good

Dennis  Gruending%

We cannot turn away

by Dennis Gruending

Welcoming Syrian refugees to Canada is a marathon, not a sprint


Photo by Thomas Fricke

Interview with Wab Kinew

by Julie McGonegal

The Winnipeg broadcaster and author of 'The Reason You Walk' talks about his father, forgiveness and spiritual rebirth


Carolyn Pogue%

Shoeboxes for Kids? No thanks.

by Carolyn Pogue

It's unfair to introduce Christianity to impoverished children through trinkets


October 2015

The bridge

by Laura Eggertson

How a traumatized Aboriginal community fought back against an epidemic of youth suicide


September 2015

Murder on the margins

by Richard Wright

The beating death of Andrew Mixemong in small-town Ontario three years ago seemed like a blatant case of racist violence. It turns out the truth goes deeper — exposing gaps in the social fabric we’d rather ignore.


July 2015

Final decisions

by Various Writers

Dying used to be so simple. New laws and changing customs make for a more complicated exit.


Hae Bin Jung, minister of Toronto’s Alpha Korean United, in 2012. Photo by Merle Robillard/Observer files

‘It’s like a death in the family’

by Chantal Braganza

A Toronto church that welcomed 50 North Korean refugees speaks out against the mass deportation of their new friends


My Year of Buying Nothing

by Lee Simpson

That time I aced the big challenge and literally stumbled at the small ones


June 2014

Playing God?

by John Barber

A little-known Ontario panel routinely makes live-or-die decisions for gravely ill patients. As the population ages, other jurisdictions would do well to study how the panel navigates end-of-life ethics.


January 2014

Four years, 9 months

by Jocelyn Bell

A journey through infertility


October 2014


by Vidya Kauri

Civilians fleeing the war in Syria make up the largest refugee population in the world. As the conflict rages on, aid agencies are stretched to the limit.