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David Wilson%


by David Wilson

Standing up for Canadian values


August 2015

Caught in the nuclear shadow

by David Wilson

The nuclear threat never went away. We just stopped being afraid. — September 1997


March 2015

Beyond Ferguson

by Alicia von Stamwitz

Did Michael Brown’s shooting death in Missouri last August reawaken the civil rights movement?


July 2015

Bosnia’s invisible war

by Mike Milne

A relief convoy carrying church aid finds determination amid destruction in a forgotten corner of former Yugoslavia — September, 1996

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Fair Food

Chantal Braganza%

What’s in a bad apple?

by Chantal Braganza

Large food retailers catch on to the idea that good fruit doesn’t need to be beautiful


July 2015

Spiritual But Secular

by Anne Bokma

Sojourners find comfort, connection and companionship on the road less travelled


July 2015

Quote Unquote

by David Giuliano

‘These are the days of the endless summer. . . . There’s only here, there’s only now.’


July 2015


by Trisha Elliott

God, and all that jazz


Nikamuwin Mianscum, 3, with drummers leading the Walk for Reconciliation in Ottawa in May. Photo by Justin Tang/CP Images

Sharing the path

by Julie McGonegal

Walking was a healing force at the end of the truth and reconciliation process. But the journey is far from over.


ObserverDocs: First World War Centenary

by Observer Staff

This year marks 100 years since the outbreak of the First World War. And still, the images of film and the words of poets from that era resonate today.


Common Good

Dennis  Gruending%

Election 2015

by Dennis Gruending

Faith groups have lots of questions for candidates this go around


Photo by Ruth Bonneville

Interview with Nafiya Naso

by Belle Jarniewski

The former religious refugee and leader in Winnipeg’s Yazidi community talks about the current threat to Iraq’s Yazidi population


Carolyn Pogue%

To live with respect in Creation

by Carolyn Pogue

Writing by a tree helps people to remember our deep connection to the planet, physically and spiritually


June 2015

‘Es complicado’

by Christopher White

Nothing about Cuba is straightforward or simple — including its impending reconciliation with the United States


June 2015

Grim reminders

by Pieta Woolley

What should be done with Canada’s remaining Indian residential school buildings?


June 2015

'Do we still believe that something vital is in the making?'

by Phyllis Airhart

The United Church of Canada at 90


Dave Cutler/Illustration Source

Final decisions

by Various Writers

Dying used to be so simple. New laws and changing customs make for a more complicated exit.


Drew Halfnight%

'On the road again'

by Drew Halfnight

Even a family vacation by car is an opportunity to do nothing but watch and listen


June 2014

Playing God?

by John Barber

A little-known Ontario panel routinely makes live-or-die decisions for gravely ill patients. As the population ages, other jurisdictions would do well to study how the panel navigates end-of-life ethics.


January 2014

Four years, 9 months

by Jocelyn Bell

A journey through infertility


October 2014


by Vidya Kauri

Civilians fleeing the war in Syria make up the largest refugee population in the world. As the conflict rages on, aid agencies are stretched to the limit.