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The Observer has a bright future ahead

by Jocelyn Bell

Change is as vital to the publication's history as our founding Christian values are to our future, says editor and publisher Jocelyn Bell.


(Photo: iStock.com/Anna_Isaeva)

We need to start teaching girls about consent

by Julie Lalonde

As a public educator who's spent the last 15 years working to end violence against women, I believe it's time empower young women in the classroom


Rev. Lee Spice attends a Women’s Memorial March in 2017.
(Photo: Christine O’Brien/Calgary Journal)

Tlingit minister sees right relations as 'everybody’s story'

by Joe Kadi

As a biracial woman, Rev. Lee Spice brings a unique perspective to ministry.


Marilyn and Wayne Myhre at the 165th anniversary of Banner United Church in 2017. (Photo: Julie West)

I worry the United Church doesn't want evangelicals like me

by Marilyn Myhre

While the church community says it accepts everyone, one woman wonders if that is still true.


Writer and director Sonya Ballantyne started a Change.org petition to get Mattel’s attention in hopes they might create a Cree Barbie. (Photo: Whitney Light)

Cree filmmaker wants Mattel to make Barbie that looks like her

by Emma Prestwich

"There is a lot of work nowadays that keeps Native people in the past. We don’t exist now and I’ve always hated that."


The Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Ky. (Photo: scott1346/Flickr)

U.S. non-theist group calls school field trips to giant ark unconstitutional

by Emma Prestwich

A debate over religious freedom is playing out in Kentucky, where two creationist attractions are located.



If you’re going to donate your winter clothing, it seems silly to donate it to a place that’s just going to resell it. (Photo: viviandnguyen_/Flickr)

Where to donate your unwanted stuff so it actually goes to those who need it

by Glynis Ratcliffe

It may be tempting when you declutter to just drop off all your items at Value Village, but sticking with local organizations is a better option.

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