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Brighton, ON

Trinity-St. Andrew’s is seeking a full-time Minister (Ordained or Diaconal) to fill a vacancy in our solo ministry, as a result of a retirement. We are seeking an experienced, energetic minister who is excited to join us in growing our congregation. TSA is an Affirming congregation that lives a progressive theology. You will be joining an active congregation with teams that work well independently and know when to reach out for support. As Brighton's downtown community church, we work with our community and other churches through our outreach programs to help fill identified needs, always seeking to be united and uniting. You will walk with us as we explore ways to grow our children, youth and young family ministries while continuing to support our current population’s needs. You may review our profile by visiting www.trinitystandrews.ca and clicking “Careers”.  Applications should be submitted to opportunities@bayofquinteconference.ca.

Buckhorn and NM Pastoral Charge, ON

We are a two-point charge, offering one of the best locations in the beautiful Kawarthas. One congregation is in the indigenous community of Curve Lake. This church is a large new building which will hold approximately 300 people. The other congregation meets at Wesley Church, which is just south of the delightful village of Buckhorn. Our communities are approximately ½ hour from Peterborough, located on the Trent Severn waterway. There is close access to Trent University (Peterborough), Lakefield College (Lakefield), and the renowned Sir Sanford Fleming College, with campuses in both Lindsay and Peterborough. Peterborough has a new Regional Health Centre, which also has a cancer treatment centre. In winter, the area attracts many sports enthusiasts for snowmobiling, skiing and ice fishing. In summer the population swells, with the addition of many cottagers who are attracted to the area for fishing, boating and other water sports. We serve the mostly rural communities, plus many people who are choosing the area as a vacation destination or a future retirement location. The candidate we are seeking must be sensitive to our indigenous population and will have to be open to obtaining knowledge of the First Nation’s language, traditions and ceremonies. At Wesley, we have two talented musicians who play keyboard and lead an enthusiastic choir. The successful candidate will have strong worship and pastoral skills and be able to lead these two congregations in community involvement and growth. The position will require a commitment of 30 hours per week. Please send resumé to T. Timson, Director of Personnel, at bayofquinteconference.ca.

Calgary, AB

Southwood Church is a southwest Calgary, Spirit-led, biblically-based, transformational community of faith, following Jesus on His mission to change the world.  We are seeking a full-time, ordained minister who will provide spiritual leadership and guidance, and work collaboratively with council, staff and teams as we strive to fulfill our mission. The ideal candidate will be energetic and nurturing, with a desire to minister to a diverse congregation. Interested candidates can view our MPR at www.southwoodchurch.ca. Applications, with resumé and cover letter, should be emailed to search@southwoodchurch.ca.

Carberry, MB

Carberry United Church seeks a full-time diaconal or ordained minister to journey with us in Christ-centred worship and to encourage us in faith development and outreach. We have an active congregation (choir, Sunday School, youth group, drama group, prayer group) as well as committees to carry on the work of the church. Situated in rural southwestern Manitoba, we are on the TransCanada Highway and only 50 km from Brandon; 160 km from Winnipeg – but most amenities can be found in our small town. To learn more about this exciting position, contact vacancies@confmnwo.mb.ca.

Carleton Place, ON

Located in the heart of our historic town, Zion-Memorial is a hard-working church that has completed a three-year Interim Ministry. We are seeking a full-time ordained minister. We strive to be a safe place where all are heard; we communicate our ministry to all; to be an inclusive, intergenerational ministry; create linkages to the wider church; and be known as a welcoming, fun congregation making a difference in our community, using our new governance model based on the Holy Currencies. Worship and music are important. Pastoral care is key. Our well-maintained building is constantly engaged by the congregation and community. Our minister will be comfortable with both traditional and contemporary theology, as well as administrative and technological tasks. They will help us define more clearly our ministry now and in the years to come. Applications will be received until a suitable candidate is found. Please contact Karen Valley, Search Committee Chair, at 613-882-3114, or zmucsearch@gmail.com

Clinton, ON

Clinton United Church requires a new full-time ordained minister to replace our recently retired clergy. Our congregation of 200+ families has an active choir, Sunday school and youth program. A manse is available in town. United Church salary scale is offered. For additional information, please review the vacancy listings for London Conference (www.londonconference.ca), or contact the church directly at 519-482-9553.

Creemore, ON

You need to meet us! We are a two-point charge looking for a part-time (30 hour) ordained, diaconal, designated lay minister, student or recent graduate. Creemore Pastoral Charge is located approximately 120 kms north of Toronto, in the rural communities of Creemore and New Lowell. Our area offers welcoming, kind, hard-working people; Farmers’ Markets, ski hills, hiking trails, lakes, small shops, sports parks, schools and artisans – all 30 minutes from larger cities. We enjoy the benefits of both the energy of our youth who have participated in mission trips and the grounding spirit of our older members. We strive to be strong role models and an active presence in both communities. We welcome forward-thinking scripture-based leadership that will help us advance the ministry and outreach in our communities and beyond, while becoming attractive to new, younger families. Our buildings provide us with updated, accessible space and we want to fill them. You could be the person who helps us “get out of the building” to encourage the community to join us inside the building. We look forward to meeting you. This position is available as of March 1, 2019. Please view our profile on the Toronto Conference website www.torontoconference.ca, or contact Linda Peacock at peacockfamily@ymail.com.

Halifax, NS

Fairview United Church is a warm and inviting congregation. We are seeking a part-time minister (Ordained, Diaconal or Designated Lay Recognized). Our new leader will help our congregation grow through inspirational worship, pastoral care and community outreach. The ideal candidate will be energetic and nurturing. You can view our JNAC at www.fairviewunitedchurchhalifax.org. Applications, with a resumé and cover letter, should be emailed to grose.kathy@gmail.com.

Hanna, AB

Are you looking for a change - a change of pace from the challenges of city life, or just a change in general? Are you searching for a more relaxed atmosphere, in a town that has a strong sense of what it means to be a community? Hanna First United Church is looking for a full-time ministry personnel (Ordained, Diaconal or Designated Lay Ministry) effective immediately. Hanna is located in East-Central Alberta, approx. two hours from Calgary. We are a community which offers the amenities of an urban centre and the comfortable lifestyle of a rural town. We are willing to become a Supervised Ministry Learning Site. Skills to include: worship; intergenerational education; communication; interpersonal skills to help the church to grow; stewardship; counselling; mediation and motivation; organizational; and collegiality. A manse is located adjacent to the church. This pastoral charge (a part of the Alberta North West Conference, Coronation Presbytery) will become a part of Region 3 in the new provisional restructuring in 2019. JNAC report is available at: www.hannafirstunitedchurch.ca/news/joint-needs-assessment-report-2018. Take a look at Hanna – it’s well worth the drive! Visit www.hanna.ca; www.specialareas.ab.ca and www.returntorural.ca.

Kingston, NS

We are seeking a full-time ordained or diaconal minister for our three-point charge. Will need a flexible approach to worship that includes a range of theology from traditional to evolving Christianity. Must also share our values of affirming inclusiveness, social justice and community. JNAC at: www.kingstonunitedpc.com. Contact: Jim Spurrell at jimspurrell@hotmail.com.

Lakefield/Youngs Point, ON

Lakefield-Young’s Point Pastoral Charge, situated in the heart of the Kawartha Lakes, seeks a full-time Ordained Minister of Word, Sacrament and Pastoral Care to lead our two-point charge. Lakefield United serves as a community and ecumenical hub in the historic village of Lakefield. Young’s Point is a smaller, family church, ten minutes north on the Trent Severn waterway. The two are complimentary and have been jointly served for more than a century. Music is an integral part of both worship services. We seek a collaborative, compassionate, imaginative individual to inspire our worship and our work as we grow together as a vibrant and viable community of faith. More information and our Transformation Project and JNAC reports click here. Please submit your resumé and your Skills, Gifts and Passions Profile document to lypjsc@gmail.com. Resumés will be accepted until the position is filled. Our congregations are open, kind and keen to greet the future with our new Minister.

Mississauga, ON

Westminster United Church is a diverse and caring faith community. We are seeking a full-time ordered minister who will provide spiritual leadership and guidance, and who will work collaboratively with the leadership council as we strive to fulfill our mission. Our new leader will help our congregation grow through inspirational worship, pastoral care and community outreach. The ideal candidate will be energetic and nurturing, with an interest in ministering to a diverse congregation. Interested candidates can view our JNAC at www.westminsterunitedchurch.ca. Applications, with a resumé and cover letter, should be emailed to carmelita.rabanillo@rogers.com.

North Battleford, SK

Third Avenue United Church is seeking a full-time Ordained or Designated Lay Minister. Information about our Church family, our ministry, and our JNAC report may be found on our website at: www.thirdavenueunitedchurchnb.ca. North Battleford is a growing community of 16,000+. Our congregation of approximately 200 families is seeking a dynamic team leader. The successful candidate will possess the ability to connect effectively with people of all ages and promote a welcoming church environment. Applications will be received until a suitable candidate is found. To submit your resumé and/or to request further information please contact our Corresponding Secretary, Ken Holliday, at 9702 – 97th Drive, North Battleford, SK S9A 0L4 or holliday.k@sasktel.net.

Perth, ON

Bathurst Pastoral Charge is seeking a half-time faith leader (ordained minister, designated lay minister, diaconal minister or student) to share their faith, friendship and sermons in a traditional style of worship within our two-point charge. The successful candidate must be able to lead the congregations in weekly corporate worship which preaches the Gospel of Jesus, incorporates inspiring hymns and songs and engages people in heartfelt prayer. Our charge is located approximately one hour from both Kingston and Ottawa, with a manse available. Both churches are located in rural communities. The Calvin church is located 15 minutes from the heritage town of Perth, while the Althorpe church is located 10 minutes from the village of Westport on Rideau Lake. Our congregations are multi-generational and have great pride in our faith roots. Interested candidates are asked to forward their resumé to David Timpson at personnel@bayofquinteconference.ca until November 30, 2018.

Peterborough, ON

Northminster United Church is seeking a full-time minister. We look forward to welcoming an individual who will help us to continue the work of Jesus and advocate for justice locally and globally. He/she should be an enthusiastic leader in our journey of renewal. We have a need for pastoral care, Christian development and outreach. Our new leader should be able to provide meaningful, relevant and inspiring messages at our church services. Our new minister should be comfortable with the use of social media and be able to work collaboratively with other staff and other churches in our area. The beautiful city of Peterborough has a population of 82,000, a university, a community college, a large hospital, and several medical clinics. We are located in the Kawarthas, surrounded by many lakes, rivers and the Trent-Severn Waterway. We have a well-maintained church with offices, meeting rooms and auditoriums. We are a solvent entity with an administrator-secretary, Music Director and custodians. Our JNAC is available online at www.northminsteruc.ca. Inquiries and resumés are invited. Please contact our Search Committee Co-Chair, Joyce Armstrong at wdarmstrong@cogoco.ca, or phone 705-745-9230. Resumés will be accepted until November 15, 2018, or until a suitable candidate is found.

Port Colborne, ON

“New days, new ways, come join us in the journey.” Central United is seeking a full-time ordered minister to join us in our journey in a community located on Lake Erie in beautiful Niagara. Our new leader will be part of a team ministry with a half-time DLM on staff. We have a tradition of great music and active mission work in our community. We seek a caring, dynamic leader to energize our mission “To know Christ, and to make Him known.” Our JNAC Report can be found at www.centralunitedchurch.ca. Please submit applications to Lori Smith at lorir1952@gmail.com.

River John, NS

Come and be part of our dynamic churches and communities of River John and West Branch. We work ecumenically and joyfully to promote the word of God to all. Our two-point charge is a 50% position and there are many volunteers who are excited to promote the ministry of our communities. Find your peace in our manse, overlooking the river with a fabulous view of our famous sunsets. Be with us as we move forward in our exciting ministry! Deadline: February 1st, 2019. Contact: Joan MacLeod, 902-351-2759, or joanandmarie@ns.sympatico.ca.

Sault Ste. Marie, ON

Harmony St. Marks in Richards Landing and Grace United in Hilton Beach make up a two-point charge located on beautiful St. Joseph Island. The members of these two congregations are seeking an individual who has a strong background in preaching and is willing to make pastoral care a priority. Both congregations are made up of adults and the elderly. The position would be full-time, with members of the congregation helping with worship, community outreach and pastoral care. A manse is located in Richards Landing. Please submit applications to Janet Prodan at janetprodan@gmail.com.

Sicamous, BC

Sicamous United Church Pastoral Charge in BC’s beautiful Okanagan, situated between Shuswap and Mara Lakes, is searching for a half-time ministry personnel, to serve a small, open and caring congregation. It has a thriving thrift shop outreach ministry attached to the church. For more information call Bernice at 250-836-2300 and visit our website, www.sicamousunited.ca. Submit resume’s to k_nickerson@hotmail.com.

Ste. Croix, NS

Ste. Croix-Ellershouse Pastoral Charge seeks half-time minister.  Rural, two-point charge–only bi-weekly services on second point. Located at the threshold of Annapolis Valley, between Halifax (AST) and Wolfville (ADC). Please see our job description and JNAC on Maritime Conference vacancy list: marconf.ca/vacancies. Closing date Dec. 31, 2018.

Toronto, ON

Birchcliff Bluffs United Church is a congregation striving to grow in faith and to live out our faith in our Scarborough community. We house and support the Bluffs Food Bank and in the past 18 months have launched two new affirming ministry programs: Toby’s Place for LGBTQ youth and Dorothy’s Place for LGBTQ seniors. We offer creative music and drama programs and our church building is accessible and a community resource.  We are seeking a Supply Minister for a six-month appointment (1/1/2019 to 06/30/2019 – ¾ time) to lead worship 2 to 3 times per month, provide pastoral care and collaborative leadership to our new programs, and assist the congregation through a time of renewal and change. The Supply Minister will be eligible for a call. Our position description can be viewed at www.bbuc.ca. Email applications, ASAP, to the Interview Team, c/o Beth Moore at abmoore103@gmail.com.

Toronto, ON

Lawrence Park Community Church (United, Unlimited, Unorthodox), a United Church of Canada congregation, will soon declare a vacancy for a new team minister to begin in January 2019. This position will include preaching, pastoral work and team building with a focus on youth program leadership. The new team minister will play a key role in helping us launch a new evening service which will explore the role of Christianity in the Modern world, with, debates, guest speakers, meals and secular but spiritual music. This bridging of traditional and innovative approaches will require a recruit with flexibility and vision as well as the traditional strong preaching skills. For more information, visit our website: www.lawrenceparkchurch.ca. We invite applications for this position, please email to judi@lawrenceparkchurch.ca.

Toronto, ON

Manor Road United Church, a close-knit, caring faith community, located mid-town, desires a full-time minister to lead us through the next phase of our congregational journey. Our newly-renovated and redeveloped property includes a brand-new playground park immediately adjacent to our church, which calls us to find new ways to engage and serve our surrounding community. We are searching for a minister who is strong in faith and active in spirit to inspire and guide our congregation. Email applications to mrucsearch@gmail.com. Come grow with us!

Toronto, ON

Metropolitan United Church seeks an experienced, full-time Intentional Interim Minister (ordained) for 1-2 years, starting no later than February 1, 2019. Metropolitan has a team ministry with specific accountabilities for each minister as they work together to support the Metropolitan community and programs. The IIM will fill the role of Minister of the Congregation, assisting congregation and staff as they deal with the end of a long-term ministry, preaching three times per month, and working with the Transition Team to guide the exploration of new opportunities for the future. Ministerial team members include the Minister of Congregational Care and Development and the Minister of Music. Metropolitan is an affirming congregation in downtown Toronto with a tradition of learned, contemporary preaching that relates the Bible and Christianity to spirituality in our world today. Metropolitan has strong lay leadership and dedicated volunteers. Its heritage building will be under renovation for part of the tenure. Necessary skills include strong preaching and worship leadership, competencies in pastoral care, and the effective communication and interpersonal skills needed for inclusive consultation. For the position description and DFC, contact boardsec@metunited.ca. Those interested should contact the Toronto Conference Personnel Minister at DHildebrand@united-church.ca.

Truro, NS

Brunswick Street/North River Pastoral Charge is offering a half-time Minister position (Ordained, Diaconal or Designated lay minister) the opportunity to oversee both an urban and rural congregation. You will find Brunswick Street United to be the larger of the two congregations, located in the east end of Truro. North River United Church is a small but mighty congregation, nestled in a rural community just minutes away from Truro. Both congregations share a strong sense of community and a willingness to work together to accomplish what needs to be done. We are looking for a new leader to help our congregation grow through inspirational worship and pastoral care. Please contact Faye Smith at truropresbytery@seasidehighspeed.com.

Williamstown, ON

Welcome to our corner of paradise, St. Andrews United Church in Williamstown – a storybook church set in a village steeped in Celtic tradition, century homes, wrap around porches and most importantly residents who are actively involved in the community and are proud of it. Located in the middle of a strong and vibrant agricultural area, benefitting from the values of rural living, just 15 minutes east of Cornwall and within commuting distance of Ottawa and Montreal, we call it home. As we continue on our faith journey, we are in search of a full-time Ordained Minister to be part of our church family and community. If you are interested in becoming part of our family, we would love to hear from you. You can find us on the web at www.standrewsunited.org, or on Facebook @standrewsunitedwilliamstown. For more information on how to apply, contact us at standrewschurchsearch@gmail.com, or visit the conference website at www.montrealandottawaconference.ca/pr-rp.

Virden, MB

St Paul's United Church is close to a beautiful valley, and halfway between Regina, Sask., and Winnipeg, Man., on #1 Highway. We are a small rural community looking for a full-time minister. If you are an Ordained Minister, Diaconal Minister, or Designated Lay Minister, please apply. Full information can be found in the St Paul's JNAC Report, on the MNWO Conference website, www.mnwo.ca.

Yellowknife, NWT

Do you feel the winds of God? Is it time for an adventure in a great church family in the Northwest Territories? Yellowknife United Church is a welcoming and affirming congregation and we are seeking a full-time ordained or diaconal minister to lead us in our congregational ministry. We are looking for a minister with excellent worship and preaching skills, an interest in creative outreach, pastoral care, and Christian education for all ages. Our church is located in Northern United Place, built in the 70’s as congregational outreach to the community providing subsidized housing and commercial rental space. Yellowknife, (pop.18,000) the capital of the NWT, is an exciting and challenging small city. An abundance of services such as recreation, health care and education are available here and are comparable to most cities much larger. We are a financially-stable church; offering a manse and an attractive remuneration package. This position can be available as soon as November 2018. Do you feel those winds? For our JNAC package and more information please contact ykucministersearch@gmail.com.

Ministry of Music

Barrie, ON

Collier Street United Church, located downtown, has a proud 182- year history. We are seeking a Music Director to lead our present traditional worship services, but also to help us embrace modern music in worship. The Music Director will lead and administer the music ministry of the church in conjunction with the Minister of Worship, Congregational Care and Leadership; be proficient with our Keats-Geissler 3 manual pipe organ and 7` Steinway grand piano; have experience with other musical instruments; effectively lead, direct and accompany our church choirs during regular and special services; be a team player who co-operatively works with other staff and groups within the church, and integrate modern music technology and contemporary music into Collier`s worship life. This is a part-time position based on 14 hours per week. Collier`s compensation package is negotiable upon qualifications/experience and based on RCCO guidelines. Additional information is available at www.collierunited.ca. Please forward your application and resumé to opportunity@collierunited.ca by November 2, 2018. We thank all applicants, but only shortlisted persons will be interviewed.

Nelson, BC

The affirming congregation of Nelson United Church seeks a Minister of Music – a skilled musician who can play the organ, the piano and direct our choirs. We are the proud owner of a Keates Pipe Organ, a Yamaha Grand Piano and a set of handbells. You will be responsible for the overall music leadership of the congregation, providing direction to the chancel choir. This position is for 15 hours per week; salary will be determined by experience and based on salary schedule set by the RCCO. All interested candidates, please contact: office@nelsonunitedchurch.ca, see more at nelsonunitedchurch.ca.

St. Catharines, ON

Elm Street United Church seeks a creative music director and organist for an enthusiastic volunteer SATB choir of approximately 20 members. The organ is a world-class 3-manual Allen Renaissance, the piano a new Roland LX7 digital. The successful candidate will provide a versatile, spiritually uplifting and enlivening music program. Once part of our ministry team, the music director will be expected to plan and work with our pastor and pianist. Position is available immediately. Please contact us at heathermargaretjohnson@gmail.com.

Windsor, ON

Bedford United Church is seeking an organist/choir director. Bedford is a friendly church located in Old Sandwich Towne, near the University of Windsor (www.bedfordunited.ca). We have an enthusiastic choir and dynamic minister. Please contact Linda Smith at llsmith@uwindsor.ca, or 519-256-1131.

Other Positions Available


Church Related

Add a stellar event to your congregation's 2019 social calendar.

Fundraise enjoyably for your outreach and buidling projects, while showcasing the Toronto Welsh Male Voice Choir in performance in your church. We come to you. We'll treat your audience to an engaging concert of inspiring Celtic harmony, with music drawn from the hills and valleys of Wales. Contact Bruce Mullock at mullockb@gmail.com, or 647-226-0012.

Church Items for Sale!

At Saint Andrew's United in Port Moody BC, we are redeveloping our property to build a new church and affordable housing. We are selling audio-visual equipment, a piano, a pipe organ, pews, hymn books and various other equipment that we won't need in our new church space. Contact us at transformation@sauc.ca.

Church Website Service

Church Website Service - Churchweb Canada can help you update and run your church website. Our new sites are secure, fast and optimized for tablet and phone. Our support is unlimited and dependable. 844-541-4212, help@churchwebcanada.ca, or www.churchwebcanada.ca.

Long-experienced Preacher Available

Long-experienced preacher, journalist and author of bestseller book The Little Immigrants is available for Sunday sermons in the city of Toronto and congregations near its perimeter. He has interviewed Harry Emerson Fosdick, Leslie Weatherhead, George Pidgeon, Martin Luther King, Reinhold Niehbuhr, John Robinson, Jim Mutchmore, Bill W (AA founder), Ray Hord, Norman Vincent Peale, and many others with theological and sociological insight. Upcoming sermons will be on the following three topics: "Dealing with our Doubt;"  "Faith and our Future" and  "The Present and the Path beyond the Present....."  No fee. If interested, please contact Rev. Kenneth Bagnell by email at kbagnell@aol.com. (View his commentaries at www.kennethbagnell.com).

The Ministers’ Professional Association

Already in place and at work - at no cost to the United Church. Unifor Unifaith Community Chapter is for United Church Clergy, Faith Workers & Family. So much to discuss. So much wisdom to share. Let’s talk! Please contact Robin Wardlaw: President@Unifaith.ca; 416-840-3211 or www.unifaith.ca


Metropolitan United Church 1818-2018

Toronto, ON – Metropolitan United Church 1818-2018 – Please join us in celebrating our 200th Anniversary: Sunday, September 30, 7:30 p.m. - Special Evening Service. Friday, October 19, 7:30 p.m. - Anniversary Organ Concert. Dr. Ryan Jackson. Saturday, November 3, 7:00 p.m. - Arts Event and Reception. A multi-media event presenting the history of Metropolitan with drama, music and visuals. Sunday, November 4, 11:00 a.m. - Anniversary Worship Service. The Rev. Dr. Malcolm Sinclair, Minister of the Congregation. Special musical commissions by the Metropolitan Choir and the Metropolitan Silver Band. Located at 56 Queen Street East, Toronto. For more information, visit www.metunited.ca, or call 416-363-0331.

Waterford United Church 200th Anniversary

We’re celebrating our congregation’s 200th Anniversary at Waterford United Church!  In 1818, we became a congregation, started by an American Methodist Episcopal saddlebag preacher, working through four strains of Methodism, and joining the new denomination of the United Church of Canada.  Please help us celebrate in prayer, song and word as we rejoice on October 21, 2018.  Following the worship service at 10:30 a.m., enjoy a catered lunch, then we’ll join our voices in a Celebration of 200 Years of Singing Faith.  Hallelujah!  RSVP to wucsecetary@bellnet.ca; 135 Main Street S., Waterford, Ontario, N0E 1Y0.

Spiritual Health

Loretto Maryholme Spirituality Centre

Loretto Maryholme Spirituality Centre – 3-Day Silent Retreats, October 9-11, November 13-15. Spend time in this sacred space. Relax, rest and re-focus in an atmosphere of beauty, peace and solitude. Take time to receive the gifts of silence waiting for you. Accommodation, home-cooked meals and spiritual direction are offered as part of these retreats. Call 905-476-4013, or email booking@lorettomaryholme.ca to register, or visit www.lorettomaryholme.ca for more details.



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Church Supplies

Church Cushions

Waggoners, Inc. – Full line of church pew and kneeling cushions direct from the manufacturer. Call toll-free at 1-800-396-7555, or visit us at www.pewcushions.com.

Church Dining Supplies Including Dishes, Cutlery, Glassware & Linens

In need of replacement dinnerware for church functions? Breaking coffee mugs or saucers and need replacements? Looking for quality low-cost linens? National Event Supply is a Canadian supplier of dishes, cutlery, glassware, linens and more. We routinely ship our products from coast to coast. Give us a call at 905-795-1667, toll free 1-800-827-8953, or send an email to info@NationalEventSupply.com. Check out our full product lineup online at www.NationalEventSupply.com.

Crownex Ltd. Robe Makers & Tailors,

Custom-tailored clergy apparel, choir gowns and vestments. Highest quality, low prices. Tel: 416-503-1288, email: info@crownex.com, website: www.crownex.com. Address: 1270 The Queensway, Toronto, ON, M8Z 1S3.

Book Releases

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Affirm United/S’affirmer Ensemble...

is a national organization for those of differing sexual orientation or gender identity in The United Church of Canada, as well as their families and friends, offering educational resources, advocacy and support. We encourage UCC ministries including congregations, courts and associated organizations to engage in the Affirming Ministries program endorsed by General Council. For more information contact Affirm United/S’affirmer Ensemble, PO Box 57057, Ottawa, ON, K1R 1A1. Email: affirmunited@affirmunited.ca. Website: www.affirmunited.ca.


Visit Africa

Visit Africa: Ultimate Ghana Tour – January 23-Feb 3, 2019 – This small group tour to “one of the friendliest countries in Africa” will take you to the most amazing sites Ghana has to offer. From elephants to former slave castles to village drum-dance ceremonies, this tour will be your experience of a lifetime. Visit www.africanskiestours.com.

World Pilgrim

World Pilgrim Offers Educational Travel Experiences to Guatemala, Cuba, India, Thailand, Mexico and More! Two of our upcoming tours: Thailand: Land of Smiles – January 23 - Feb 6, 2019. Spend 18 days exploring a diverse itinerary: Chiang Mai, Sukhothai, Bangkok, and Phuket.  Our tour includes visits to an Elephant Refuge, home stay with Hill Tribe people, Thai cooking classes, a visit to a Burmese Refugee Camp, projects, temples, markets, ancient ruins and thai massage! Walking the Way: El Camino de Santiago – May 25 – June 12, 2019. Join us on this pilgrimage walking two portions of the French Way (256 km). Your challenge and purpose await you as we walk together through the beautiful landscape and ancient villages of northern Spain. We’ll build a community of Pilgrims sharing the journey together. For more information, visit www.worldpilgrim.ca, or email worldpilgrims@gmail.com.


Courtesy Aurora Coulthard

To those who said I'll only be respected as a minister because I'm pretty

by Aurora Coulthard

A young ministry student says Christians, both within and outside of the United Church, have discouraged her from following her call.

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Editor/publisher of The Observer, Jocelyn Bell.

Sharing a meal with friends is a radical act of gratitude

by Jocelyn Bell

"I’ve begun to consider that regardless of how I’m feeling on Thanksgiving Day, the very act of preparing and enjoying a feast is an expression of gratitude in and of itself."

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Meet beloved church cats Mable and Mouse

by Observer Staff

They're a fixture of Kirk United Church Centre in Edmonton.

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September 2018

Period poverty is a serious issue in Canada

by Angela Mombourquette

The high cost of menstrual products means many Canadians go without. Activists are seeing red.


October 2018

My church was literally dying, until we returned to prayer and confession

by Connie denBok

"No magic formulas. Just grace emerging through weakness."


October 2018

4 Canadians with disabilities on the challenges they've faced in the workforce

by Diane Peters

Of the 14 percent of people in Canada with a disability, only half are employed. Companies are losing out.

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